Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Hero Cape

Ok, as promised, I actually have something to post about.  A friend of mine ordered a cape for her little boys birthday.  She showed me the pic of one he like out of the Chasing Fireflies website, & this is my knockoff.  Sorry for the crappy pic.  All I have at the moment is my camera phone.  (I am pushing for a DSLR with tax return money)

This cape is reversible.  It is green on the other side with a yellow lightning bolt.  I just cut a half circle of each fabric.  Cut out the applique shapes I wanted.  To put the name on, I used the freezer paper stencil technique.  After I had sewed on the appliques, I put the half circles together with right sides facing & stitched together.  I left a few inches in the center open to flip right side out, then topstitched around the entire thing.  D is now asking that I make him one, so if you would like a tutorial, let me know.  As soon as my kids are better ( the 4 year old has bronchitis, & the 9 month old has strep & bronchialitis.  needless to say, I'm staying pretty busy with breathing treatments & meds at the moment.), I will be making a green pair of fingerless gloves, a blue pair of fingerless gloves, a blue mask, & a green mask.  BTW, he LOVED cape.  

On a side note, while working on this, my machine started giving me fits yet again.  I looked up every possible thing I could think of to see what might be the problem.  Wouldn't you know, my machine is super picky about the bobbins.  After I fixed that, all is well again.  It makes me want to start sewing again.  YAY!!!!!

Hopefully I will have the gloves & mask for you next week.  If you can bear with the awful camera phone pics, I might try to make a tutorial for the gloves.  It will be my first.

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